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Hey guys! The Vegas nightlife scene is always changing. Nightclubs & strip clubs come and go all the time. What was the go-to spot a few months ago may be shuttered now and there may be a new must-see venue in Sin City. In a place saturated with shady club promoters, websites over charging naive clientele, dated information and outright scams, my goal is to provide you with current information on what venues are available now & getting you the best deal possible on admission.

There are currently 2 popular male strip clubs in Vegas that I would recommend. Hunk Haven(aka Hustler Club's: Kings of Hustler) and Olympic Gardens: Men of OG. Yes, Sapphire male revue is open Friday and Saturday from 10p-Midnight, but I consider that a show on par with Thunder or Chippendales. There's no real one-on-one potential and the guys kind of just do their thing on stage like a Backstreet Boys or NSync show. You also have Palomino's male strip show, which involves a basement setup and fully nude 'Urban'(African American) dancers. I don't choose to put up either of those venues on my site, but if you'd like to visit them I will get you the best deals possible to either venue.

Hunk Haven, aka Kings of Hustler, is the newest show on the Strip. I say that because they recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and the venue now is placed on the 3rd floor(Rooftop!) of Larry Flynt's Hustler Club(The 1st and 2nd floor are occupied by female dancers).This venue is now the most popular place visited by ladies wanting to see some of Vegas' most handsome men entertain them. Olympic Gardens: Men of OG is a close second, their venue is on the 2nd floor of OGs strip club(1st floor is for female dancers). Both venues have plenty of selection when it comes to the guys dancing, the big difference is the environment. With the 3rd floor rooftop view of the Vegas Strip and brand new multi-million dollar remodel, Hustler just feels nicer. 

The photos posted on my site's main page, and for the Hunk Haven package, are all recently taken from Hunk Haven. If you browse thru the packages you will be able to see me as well in a few of the photos posing with some of our clients. I also have posted clips on my YouTube channel Vegas James, or just search Hunk Haven(And Subscribe!), of a few of the guys performing from Hunk Haven. I will keep updating the site, and YouTube, with the most current photos and videos you'll be able to find anywhere on the internet. 

Enjoy the site and feel free to contact me anytime at +1(702)830.6006 if you have any questions of booking inquiries!

Thanks, James

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